Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Horrendous Flooding

Some may have already heard the news, but we had another flood, and it was way, way worse. This time I didn't make a funny video because my camera, stored about 7 feet high, was broken in the flood. I am ok, but my house is not. At least it's still standing -- lots of people lost their houses and a few lost their lives. I lack the time and energy to write the essay I want to write about this, and the experience isn't yet over, anyway. There's still mud to clean, 4 days later.

In the meantime, I urge you to read this news article if you want some more information:

I will write more in the coming week.

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Oliver said...

Hey Craig, I came across your blog as my girlfriend and I researched volunteer activities in the Philippines. We're actually planning on doing an independent journey to the Philippines to try and do some good. We plan on staying for a year and figure out what the needs of the community is and how to meet it. We will be in Bacolod in May and would love to help you and get involved somehow. Obviously we have no clue where to begin in our preparation and what we may need or anything at all. We would really appreciate any guidance/advice/ideas or resources on how to get started. Obviously being in the states now, may have its advantages as well in preparation for what to bring or raise funds/resources for.